Mountain West Production Group strives to be flat out the best value services for events of all sizes. Low overhead costs, a hardworking and extremely diligent staff, a cherry picked inventory of cost effective solutions, an impeccable reputation, and our ability to make your goals our goals, are just some of the aspects of our business that make us the obvious choice for all of your events. 


We should be honest; if a big, well furnished office, shiny trucks and well paid
receptionists are criteria for selecting your AV company we actually might not be the best solution for you. We focus on getting the job done better and at a lower cost than you thought possible.  When you call us you can often speak directly with the person that will be onsite for your event. This provides a level continuity that others can not match, and ensures, no aspect of your event falls through the cracks.


Working 12 hours a day is a short day for us. We are no stranger to putting in the time necessary to get the job done right. From start to finish were right there making your event happen. 


All of our gear has been collected over the last several years and had been selected based on criteria such as performance, dependability, cost, power efficiency, and aesthetics.  in some cases we have even custom engineered the perfect solution. The end result is highly effective sound, staging, and lighting systems that are dependable and very cost effective.


We have worked at all levels of the production industry. We can comfortably talk shop or run a show with any artist in any venue anywhere. Because of the tips tricks and confidence we have picked up along the way many more medium sized shows are a walk in the park. Treating even smaller name artists and events with the respect national level events command is what has given us a client retention rate north of 80%. Above all we do whatever we can to be easy to work with.

We want you to be as successful as possible. If your event is a success we understand that we will likely be brought in again on your next event. We also understand that sometimes (BUT RARELY :) there are more important aspects to an event than the AV.  We try to see the big picture and fit ourselves into it as best as possible.