This is one of the most informative pages on our website.  When you secure your reservation with us your invoice will direct you to visit this page.  Please take a moment to read through the information below as it is the terms and conditions that you are agreeing to abide by in relation to receiving services from MWPG. Please note acceptance of your estimate means you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement.


Client: The party that is legally responsible for adhering to these terms and conditions is the party noted under the “Address” section of your invoice, or the primary individual seeking services on that organization’s behalf will hereby be referred to as the “Client” If you need us to amend this information we will be happy to do so ahead of your event.

MWPG: shall be considered dba. Mountain West Production Group, address and contact information including physical address can be found in Client's invoice or estimate.

Description of services:

Client’s invoice contains information such as the date and times services are to be rendered. The venue may be noted through other means such as email.  This information is the description of the event. The description of specific pieces of equipment and tools on the invoice is only intended to convey the scope of the services to be rendered.  Actual equipment and tools used to service your needs may be different from those noted on your invoice.


Unless other arrangements have been agreed to, Payment in full is due prior to services being rendered.  Payment will constitute your agreement to the terms and conditions set forth in this text and their relation to the services to be rendered.


Unless otherwise noted on your invoice the MWPG cancellation policy shall be as follows.  Once an  invoice has been issued, if the services are cancelled at any point prior to the event start, 25% of      the total invoice amount shall remain  due. If services are cancelled within 120 hours of the event      start 50% of the invoice amount shall remain due.  Cancellation within 48 hours of event start shall result in up to 100%.  This policy may be enforced at the discretion of  MWPG.                                                                                                                                                                                                 


The times of the Client’s event should be stated on the invoice or estimate. If they are missing for some reason please send us an email at with the event’s times.  Please include the time we need to be onsite if there is a specific time we are needed to be there, the time of any soundcheck, time of “doors”, show start and end times, and any other pertinent times for the event.  Any overtime charges will be billed at 15% of the invoice total per hour at a minimum of $100 Per hour and a minimum overtime charge of $150. Additional time will be billed in 30 minute increments. MWPG has the right to refuse overtime services.  However, this typically only happens if there is some sort of logistical reason we can not.


There are two types of security that we refer to in this section.  Security relating to crowd control and security relating to loss of theft of equipment.  Let’s address security relating to loss or theft first.

If MWPG needs to leave equipment on your event site unattended, (such as overnight) We require security to be provided at no cost to us to ensure against loss, damage, or vandalism of our equipment and tools. Loss of, or damage to, equipment shall result in MWPG being made whole by the client within 30 days of date of loss.

Proper crowd control at any event is critical.  MWPG reserves the right to abruptly discontinue services without refund if improper or nonexistent security and crowd control creates a situation that in any way threatens MWPG equipment, staff, performers, and event attendees.

Inclement Weather:

Most of our events are outdoors.  We often encounter beautiful weather, but in the event that inclement arises MWPG expects the client or an appropriate third party to have plans in place to safeguard your event attendees. MWPG reserves the right to abruptly delay, postpone or discontinue services in the event of an obvious hazard to our staff, equipment, performers, or event attendees. MWPG should not be relied upon an authority about what conditions are safe and what are not for events in general.  We do however have specific tools and trailing surrounding operation of our mobile stages.  Even though we may pause an event for reason that may seem innocuous to the average event goer, we ask that our clients support us in our decisions in this area.  We really do have our client's best interests in mind.


With all outdoor events on or near grass, we suggest you ensure any irrigation in or around the event space or access paths to the event space are turned off 36 hours prior, and 12 hours after your event. If sprinklers come on while MWPG or our equipment is onsite, there will be minimum $350 charge billed to you (our client). Additionally you will be responsible for repair or replacement costs burdened by MWPG if sprinklers cause damage to our equipment. Loss of, or damage to, equipment shall result in MWPG being made whole by the client within 30 days of date of loss.

Failure to pay:

In the event payment was not tendered prior to services being rendered, or funds were non depositable, the amount invoiced shall be considered past due.  It is the client's responsibility to pay in full within one week of the original due date unless other arrangements have been made. Failure to pay MWPG balances due within the agreed upon timeframe shall result in client burdening all collection related costs and any late fees MWPG deems applicable. Late fees will not exceed 5% of total balance of contract per week past due or exceed 100% of the original invoice total.

Hold Harmless:

To the fullest extent of the law, Client shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless MWPG, It’s officers, employees and contractors from and against all losses, costs, penalties, fines, claims, damages, expenses(including attorney's fees) arising out of, resulting from, or in connection to the services outlined in this agreement.


Both parties of this agreement do hereby agree that any and all disputes, legal actions and etc. shall be filed and resolved in the Adams County Court of Law in Colorado.